Public collections , private collection and missing collections

Screenshot of photo sent to me via email by Lois Conyers.
booklet/catalogue bound by a native artist was relocated by Lois Conyers after 18 years.
These works were donated to the Art Gallery of Algoma , Ontario in May 2003

Screenshot of photo sent to me via email by Lois Conyers.
booklet/catalogue bound by a native artist was relocated by Lois Conyers after 18 years.
These works were donated to the Art Gallery of Algoma , Ontario in May 2003

private collection:

Guilin mountains with red sky - acrylic on canvas, collection of Lou and Sally Kaplan from Washington DC, signed Bernadette Lee

Urbiaco dei colori, acrylic on canvas collection of Roberto Soldini from Florence 

Chinese fans and Seashells - Moon shaped - acrylic on Masonite, collection of Mrs.Kompast from Vienna

Abstract composizione,acrylic on canvas collection of Mario Ristoratore, from Naples

Abstract composizione, oil on canvas, collection of Rikako Fuji from Japan

Abstract composizione, oil on canvas, collection of Roberta from Florence

various prints collected by friends, including Francesco B, Giorgio G. Memma L

meditation , pastel drawing on paper, collection of W.S and family from Edmonton

flowers, acrylic on board, gift to Jasper Philipson for the family Philipson in 1982

Public Collection


Lexis, Via Gioberti 74, Florence

A collection of big works for a permanent exhibition titled Fung On, Il loto e la seta, since 1993

A collection of ink paintings on rice paper, after the show on wild boars, held approximately in 1993-94

Villa Romana, via senese 68, Florence

a painting on Quiet night, in three layers, ( the second panel of the four panelled painting)

cm 160x60 approximately, donated to the Villa after my residency there in March 2000 


Museum of prints Bagnacavallo , Emilia Romanga

a print titled ' Gli spiriti di Villa Romana ' based on the research of the hidden then made known discovery of the birth of Villa Romana,( a romantic story ) in linocut was donated to the collection

another print titled' Uccelli d'Oriente' is part of a series of works once exhibited at Queen's Hall Art Gallery, Hexham , England 

linocut prints and handmade books, or prints in catalogues

could be viewed at Mavida ( now Laboratorio Fratelli Manfredi) via cambiatori 2 G, Reggio Emilia



during a brief stay of my priest friend Father Gianni Giampietro who came back to his once hometown ( Capranica), I attended a meeting on Matteo Ricci in Capranica where I did a perfromance of Chinese Calligraphy,( the phrase God is Love was written in Chinese )  . These works, together with several paintings were given and donated to some of the members of the community of Capranica. They were meant to raise some funds for evangelisation promoted by Father Gianni ( Johnny ) . 


donated *12 pieces of Linocut prints ( image of a blue Jay which illustrates the Canadian national anthem)to Canada when I was granted Canadian citizenship 

( *each print to each province, and to the two territories as Nunavut was not yet created)

Art gallery of Algoma, Ontario 

donation of a triptyph measured cm180hx60( 80? or 90)each (approximate ), in 2003 after having taught two semesters of Art in White Mountain Academy of the Arts, Elliot Lake ( difficult to move the works to Italy, a donation was the best solution)

Such work consists of six layers, each layer with the same translated text of the second part of the poem by Li Ching-chao of Sung dynasty 

( top layer : Chinese text , other layers: German, Italian, English, French, Objiway )


Other collections that are made private without a signed agreement and mutual consent of how the works should be kept, due to the painter's physical absence when she was outside the country where the works were located, you are kindly invited to return such works to the painter, or to agree upon a fairer distribution of such, if that would be possible


Missing paintings, physical and virtual

a number of paintings are still missing, due to various reasons ( absence in the country where the works were previously protected by the artist herself, moving from one country to another without a careful inventory,  or simply taking the works by capable personalities without leaving any trace )

or in the case of virtual images:

attempted ways of manipulating the ownership of works over virtual means, such as claiming rights on images by those who believe they could be owners of such works , for instance, once they have framed the works using Chinese traditional way of foderation - the backing up of works with silk or other material )

or simply pretending they have appropriated my identity; even the original transcript-pagella with original signatures of all the professors of the Accademia di Firenze di belle arti was stolen


Since misunderstanding and circumstances of life could create embarrass situations over ownership of works in a manner not quite appropiate, I, therefore, would appreciate it if you could kindly return such works, especially if you are no longer interested in them. Perhaps a better solution could be found to accomodate the works, and we could mutually put aside the inappropiate circumstances that happened regarding the works being kept in your private collections without a written statement of consent


missing works in 2018

on my return trip to Rome from Hong Kong, I found some watercolour paintings I did on some Hong Kong film memories missing.

please note that whoever present the original images on my behalf are possible thieves . Kindly inform me therefore of their whereabouts.

The Hong Kong film memories, as declared publicly on my sites, are dear memories of visual impact received since childhood, and therefore have an intimate value apart from the formal aesthetic ones. The portraits , for instance,  would be gifts to the sitters ( in this case, the actors/ actresses themselves). In the event they are not interested, the images would be given to the Directors of the film.

Having said that, please Mr. Thief, could you kindly return them to me so they can be passed on to the proper owners?

regarding other missing items ( placemats etc) which I failed to locate them in Hong Kong:

they are printed in Italy , with my phone number  registered on top. I have already blocked that phone number. 

Other missing works: works on Masonite

a series of works on Masonite have been lost. All unframed, with themes on still lifes,  and most of them were of fans  and seashells, were done in Canada 1982.

The same motif done in Scotland 1982-83, during my postgraduate year, however, are still with me. These works were shown in a one person show titled Chinese Fans and Seashells, in Carlton Studios, Edinburgh.(1982)

For details regarding exact exact images I lost, please go to my other site:


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