Motion emotion

homage to Madonna images

from The Madonna and child by Massacio (1426 ) to Madonna and child by Luca the Evangelist ( picture chosen by Matteo Ricci to bring to China )

from these Madonna images to faces seen in Hong Kong films ( The Happy Bride by Chan Man in 1963)

moments of drama


Ageless expressions of human sufferings 

from Madonna of DUCCIO (1290-1300 ) to Madonna image of Princess Cheung Ping in Ming dynasty, depicted in the film directed by Lung To and Cho Kei (1959)

impressive is the gesture of Duccio's picture, with Christ child unveiling the face of the Madonna ...perhaps , the story of motion picture actually begins at this moment?

years later, in the Ming Dynasty, as described by the lyrics of the theme song , the unveiling of a beautiful bride is actually the moment of selfless sacrifice 

emotional images

found in motion pictures 

thanks to technology which allowed me to stop and ponder

stop and mediate

with brushes, old and new pigments

after impactful images of Madonnas 

seen in some beloved Italian paintings and

Hong Kong motion pictures and Chinese operas

Thank you



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