Drawing and Space was an intensive workshop I conducted in the summer of 1984, in Florence, Italy.

Instead of using some projects I actually went through as a student in Canada, I added one special dimension : the thought process necessary for the participants to engage in, almost like a group kind of meditative techniques.

After which, the students began to do the exercises, with an intention that we would share all the pros and cons of the project, as well as interesting notion behind the course: drawing and space- that is, how do we create space, by using lines ( or markmaking )

To do the course with sucess, I designed it in such a way that it would be a long hour session each day. This was what I learned from the British drawing experience: only with long hours training one could come to a spontaneous realisation of a worthy to appreciate piece of work- even just a few marks mean something different as that concentrated markmaking was your own poetic expressions.

Years passed and I rewrote the text, with an intention to propose another workshop, though this time a new attitude is emphasised: An appreciation of zen way of painting.

Emptiness of thoughts, without a burdened technical baggage, yet are encouraged to go through all the necessary process: from understanding of techniques to understanding of no techniques.

Thus a new mind is born, a new you is nutured, through a refreshed course on : Drawing and Space

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