hypothesis note book- initial search on Chinese calligraphy as expressive form began in 1982

This catalogue is a reworking of the theme from an etmological point of view, less based on an attitude of traditional research as done in previous years, but from an intuitive, random approach by digging into one's self lived internal experience towards a sign, allowing other parts that are often overlooked or taken for granted to emerge ( due to the belief that a one sided scholarly approach might or might not assist a visual baggage of language to fully develop )

Therefore, at a glance, it seems unjust not to give full credits to some important masters on Chinese Calligraphy, from whom I had initially studied on its etymological aspect, such as the case of the missionary priest Rev. Father Wieger 's Chinese Characters , which I appreciated and used for many years as points of departure especially when the other original source seemed to prove insufficient.

Such conscious effort of leaving the tracks paved by Rev. Father Wieger was necessary as I was born Chinese, and my inner understanding of those Chinese characters have taken on a role differently especially after having gone through attempts of understanding their pattern as a western pictorial artist

The putting together of both ( internal grasp of the ideograms from either a lived experience as someone born Chinese and practiced Calligraphy when young and external understanding derived from western training of understanding spatial realities ) had not been consciously positioned to  play against one another

This idea began in 2013 and is somehow continuing in various directions, which includes a necessity to come back to observe nature- as the first person who observed nature and turned them into signs, in order to communicate to the others - which later became the basis of the birth of Chinese ideograms, which we have inherited without having completely detached ourselves from such roots

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