My story was made in 2017

From 22/07/2018 to 22/07/2021, I resided in Mui Wo Hong Kong as an artist in residence.

A self funded residency, I continued my project in Hong Kong on Hong Kong films and childhood memories, on impactful images, on Chinese Madonnas and western Madonnas.

The research on Chinese calligraphy, colour and poetry (a theme which I began to concentrate on since 1982 )  also continues where I find inspiration on the juxtaposition of Chinese pictograms and the suggestive 'oriental' poetry 'San Martino' by Carducci, the Italian Nobel poet.

( see artist statement: )

several catalogues were also published during this period.

From 1/09/2019, I began to prepare sketches and linocut proofs for a book titled ' Su Shi's recipe. Poetry and Gastronomy in Ancient China. Plus Carducci ) It was conceived on 1/09/2019 to commemorate my first arrival in Italy on 1/09/1983, where I resided until the summer of 2018.

With a text by my husband Antonio Pisapia , I proposed the project to Mavida, now known as Laboratorio Fratelli Manfredi, who has been printing the book with the linocut illustrations made by me.

The entire book is handprinted with my linocuts and handbounded by Laboratorio Fratelli Manfredi , a high quality handmade book publisher in Italy, in limited editions.

I am now in the countryside of Mui Wo where I use as a studio to continue my research, which embraces also digital works.



alias Bernadette Kam Fu LEE

alias LEE-PISAPIA Kam Fu Bernadette 


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