Dedicated to Roger my professor who was from RCA 

who taught me at the U of Alberta in the eighties

whose famous saying is:

how does one depict the essence of an orange

sounding so oriental in approach, which led me to believe that the RCA had some mystical potential... And yet,  I was feeling forever less oriental during my 12 days there -

which means I was encouraged to think ( cognitive ) instead of working out the problems with full oriental potential: the essence of anything can only be found when one is one with the Universe

this video was done during my stay there pretending to be a student for 12 days

the orange was a gift from the artist Louw whose installation at Tate Modern comprised of giving away oranges to visitors

The drawings I did during the 82 portraits of Hockney show are a way to bring back my days as a student in Edinburgh, where my interest of Hockney's refreshing works filled me with hope and happiness 

( It was not easy to see simple colorful drawings with lines done so beautifully; especially portraits of Celia, for instance)

Thank you Hockney

Thank you Roger

This video was not shared during the show

I guess,  without the Hockney show in London, I would have never enrolled at the RCA for 12 days, considering the sum one had to pay for the course.

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