see not the blue moon

(on) the blue moon day

ponte santa trinità 

the blue moon

the red moon

the sight by Picasso

cannot be seen

the sight of David

is again revealed

the blue moon day was created to recall my first year Fine Arts at the U of Alberta

a tragic year as I was not allowed to Dream and be given the sideways glance like the Picasso’s lady

now forty years have passed


at Firenze

I learned from NASA that we could not view the blue moon’s action from Florence, Italy

or is it the red moon?

the rain comes again

hitting on the palm tree by the window

which almost died some thirty years ago but was saved again

just because that day

I thought

maybe it could still survive after the snow storm 

and it did

 because I stopped the bad guys from killing it 

翡冷翠 視不得 藍月記








At least I still have HOCkNey, Picasso and Patrick to light up my day

Thank you for saving me

31/01/2018 Firenze

p.S. The blue moon picture was downloaded from

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