Watching Cezanne from Cinema is a visual diary taken from my video clips - taken while watching the film on Cezanne :ritratti di una vita by Phil Grabsky

it was shown in Florence, Italy for two days, at the Cinema Odeon

the Film is centered much on the exhibition ; ( Cezanne Portraits) which began in Paris then to London and is now at the National Gallery in Washington D.C ( until 01/07/2018)

For those who have not got a chance to see the exhibit, the film might be good as a glimpse of certain famous works of our great painter.

I was happy to see his studio and the locations where these works were inspired

my personal thoughts on Cezanne:

Life is rendered not as passing

but in its non passing

the everlasting value revealed by God found in Nature

And it is in its unfading strength of Nature

found in colour

expressed in our understanding of planes

deep down

that the eternal is once again present

and perhaps as the

intensive colours

that fail not in space


therefore the true essence of life

thank you Cezanne, because of You

we see Nature that goes beyond its apparent appearance




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