HOW MUCH DO WE KNOW OF OUR PAST ? (edition 2023)

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Publisher/author: LEE-PISAPIA, Kam Fu Bernadette

ISBN 9789887669487

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A diary written in two days, Bernadette Kam Fu LEE

( alias LEE-PISPIA, Kam Fu Bernadette ) records her memories in Florence, Rome, Canada where she passionately interweaves her serendiptious discovery of an old document regarding the mystery of the birth of a famous artist's house- Villa Romana a Firenze.

Bernadette dedicates this diary to the Villa and its former Director J. Burmeister twenty two years later, a promise she made in 2000 when she was invited as a guest artist is finally kept.

Bernadette wrote this diary from Hong Kong, her hometown on the day of her father's birthday: 27th November.

For Villa Romana and the family of Commendatore Burmeister

' A Diary. How much do we know of our past ' is a publication in Chinese and English in the form of a catalogue ;

with best wishes and gratitude 


Mui Wo, Hong Kong

9 August 2022

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