From my iPhone 

from my ipad

I clicked the old Hong Kong Films:

a film was shot when I was born

I saw familiar places

those places where my parents had been to

yet somehow I had never managed to visit

another film with familiar parks

where I went when I was little

though somehow the sight could only be recaptured through this iPad or iPhone clicking

Some other films

with impactful images

almost reminiscent of a scene from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

or the anticipation of another famous scene by Zeffirelli?

and finally

places that I used to frequent in Hong Kong

: Star Ferry

the Central District

or St.Magaret’s Church

where The Window was filmed

and then

a familiar image that somehow recalls that of Michelangelo- the Birth Of Adam

though the roles are slightly transformed ( from God the Father giving Life to Adam to the repented man giving sight to Eve )

A ten year span ( film taken from 1958 to 1968 ), but what a span

it warmed my heart of a Hong Kong past

and Hence

these watercolour images

To thank the invention of cinema, of IPhone and IPad

(and of course,) the actors and directors  who provided us with these precious memories 

thank you



from near Rome, Italy

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