Hockney was my source of inspiration since 1979 ( after I was introduced his coloured-pencil drawings during my drawing class by my professor in Canada )

I was a student at Edinburgh College of Art in 1980-81

During that period in Edinburgh, whenever I felt not quite productive, I would go to Hockney ( flipping through his -continued in production-new books) -immediately my creativity would come back

That was the period I began reading incessantly on David Hockney by David Hockney

also the period when Hockney published his drawings on how he made images while making the paper

When you are a student in Britain receiving the similar kind of training in Drawing as David describes in his diary, you tend to understand the inner picture of why one is forever beneficial to do long studies in Drawing . (I was lucky to go to Edinburgh College of Art where they did not cease the training for 150 years)

recently he returns to trees and somehow, he makes us look at trees again

How masters teach one to see again...

So the question is not whether you want to be this or that kind of artist, but how some artists would enlighten you in certain period of your life by showing you there is no deadend to artistic possibilities.

The problem arises when we forget the very obvious: a simple way of making a mark on a space, a simple declaration of a love statement, or a simple way of understanding oneself-such as a diary/introspective understanding of life

these quick videos without pretensions are only to remind me that sometimes I too forget to look in a way most artists in centuries have been looking : such as oriental prints of plums against the blue sky, or the Cezanne way of depicting pines

Once you start seeing nature as the first artists who impressed you with how they first interpreted that particular moment of nature, you become friends with that artist, that piece of nature chosen because you are suddenly linked between the past and present via creativity. Infinite comes in. Mutual sharing in different time and space comes into play.

Cultural differences subside.

We feel humbled and blessed.

That is why we say thank you to all who have inspired us.

Within that intimate realm, we are silently linked to one another.

The power of creativity is vital, for everyone of us.

Thank you Hockney 

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