My glance is about the new wardrobe I bought for Antonio

it stayed there in our living room for a while

waiting to be added a layer of its voice

After I wrote the article on the Sideways Glance of Picasso and Manfredi ( published on my other site )

I painted this mandarin looking wardrobe

with the inscriptions :


正視 非正視

可視 不可視

應視 不視

不應視 視

The scholarly glance turned sideways

frontal vision or 薫陶 ( a life time of influence kind of ) vision

( it is ) but a question of innerly vision

painted 2018 by (me) 芙

Celebrating 1958

the year of my birth

in search of a childhood vision 

 A homage to the sideways glance master, from Bernadette


ps. For the show of Picasso and Manfredi in video Format, please refer to my other site:

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