Florentine Diary

is about

the present

as well as the past


my days as a student painter

up on the Florentine Hill side

painting the wild boars


once in a while

coming down to the Duomo

to see my friend restoring the frescoes of Zuccari

It is also about

going to the New Budokan Space

lost at Piazza delle Cure

but refound this new space

of Stefano

near where I have a permanent Painting Exhibition

on Via Gioberti

at Lexis

seeing Stefano unrolling my new calligraphy 

where there are ten other old pieces of works 

still kept intact in his Space

one feels

this is almost a miracle

so a few days later

the moment arrived:

a redoing of one of my favourite Li Ching Chao’s lyrics

where she sings

...Drunk, not knowing the way to return ..

She found herself stuck

her boat submerged


among the waterlilies

so she struggled and struggled

and there


startled a flock of water birds 

what an image

how beautiful the mood

it was twenty one years ago

I first performed and recited this poem

in Midsummer

near Villa Romana of Klinger overlooking beautiful Florence

where I was once a guest for a month

How time flies

with this diary

I would like to say Ciao

to all my friends 

and thank you

if you still remember me


Florence , Italy


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