My Painted curtains

A month ago I did not realise I would move to Hong Kong

a month ago I did not realise I would be able to live Day by day with Noguchi’s pieces

when everything became real

I decided to stage the environment with my diary

the diary when I first encountered Noguchi

the moment when I was no longer afraid to juxtapose the innate elements of East and West lived within

so I got all my 35 years of research randomly printed on the curtains

allowing the freeform sofa of Noguchi to continue inspire all those who come to this tiny space

in the bedroom I adorned the windows with a view of two types of Madonnas

one is the sketches I did at the Uffizi in 2013

another is random sketches of Cantonese operas I watched on Youtube

when I was in a nostalgic mood

back home in Italy

where only memories of my childhood could be made alive

through constant resketching of scenes from Hong Kong films

Including those scenes I often missed

but were impactful images

from my parents ‘ points of view

These Madonnas , either East and West

are all sacred to me

as if

they are the answers to my research on the ancient Chinese ideograms;

just how sacred the act of the Madonna is, when she receives a Divine Mission from Heaven as exemplified by The explanation of the ideograms Last Name by Xu Shen Of AD 100: the son of heaven is the one that is conceived by a Lady who receives a Heavenly Mandate- such is the beginning of the idea of a Surname

my re-interpretation of 2018 ( after some 2018-100 years) is

all beings are divine and all of us are of the same substance

May peace be with you



at her Hong Kong flat 

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