All videos on this site were  done by me

Sometimes videos were filmed and edited with Apple imovies templates ( other times with quik templates)

A BKF production has been used on the crediting page of the Apple templates

BKF means Bernadette Kam Fu, my first name

A BKF production is only an artistic way of describing who made the video- from intital concept to final realisation

BKF is not a registered company, nor a trade name

it is not a business

whoever approaches you and claims that the videos were filmed by them for business purposes, that person has committed identity fraud

It has been my usual practice that neither video nor paintings are for sale ( except for prints since prints were invented for distribution purposes)

thank you


13th October 2020

Self published art catalogues

upon finishing a series of works, I often published my own art catalogues where statements of intent were included. I have been using Apple and later on Mimeo to print the catalogues. All layout and design was done by me. So far I have done more than twenty catalogues.

Bernadette found a new studio

through the new window

she no longer stays at Riverwalk from the same area

( moved out from July 2020)

if you wish to contact her

please write to

Lee-Pisapia, Kam Fu Bernadette 

Mui Wo P.O.Box 19

Mui Wo

Hong Kong

Thank you



you are welcome to visit my other sites as well


Kindly note that the sites, are conceived as sites that are chronologically reversed. The first part of the sites register more recent activities . is conceived as a random summary of all the sites.

( beware of identity theft- Lee-Pisapia, Kam Fu Bernadette is not a trade name, nor a company name. Whoever appropriates this name and uses the content of this site and claims it as theirs has committed identity fraud )

please note that Lee-Pisapia, Kam Fu Bernadette is my married name in full.

Bernadette Kam Fu Lee is my maiden name. 

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