The Heavenly Detour ( the full recited version can be viewed under : A poem  at )

Shadow of the dance
Of spiritual mind,
Heavenly dance

Magnolia, its Sky above
Pine tree, its cima reaches paradise

One turn
One glance
Three hundred years of freedom found

At the catch of an eye
A sight: spotty whites fly over
Clouds of light and fogs of bright

Another turn
Of sight reads a scene:
Sparingly shed of flowers
Soft as cotton
Is it snow
Or flower

Nay, it is the blossoms of
Plum, in its cold attire

A reminder
A taking care of note

The cold Plum
White like snow
Heartily welcomes Spring

Without regret
In innocent mood

Such scenario,
A heaven on earth
Is made manifest

Far beyond
The mood of the land
Where frost is not to be found

 By Bernadette Kam Fu Lee

6 March 2017

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