Seeing David Hockney ‘s Show in cinema

it all started in 2016

i knew I could finally afford to go to London from Italy

in order to see the Hockney’s 82 paintings and a stilllife

I navigated on internet

and found the Royal College of Art website

it started a summer intensive course which lasts only 12 days

I gave myself an excuse

to enroll myself as a student as well as to see Hockney’s works


I wanted to feel alive again

when I was a visiting student at the Edinburgh College of Art, from1980-1981,

I used to rush to see the new catalogues just came out on Hockney

whenever I got upset, I would flip a few pages of his catalogues

then I would feel better

 was able to paint again

At the time, the only original Hockney’s works I could see were those famous pieces at Tate 

other works I had never seen, though I knew them so well from catalogues

so last year I was able to go to Tate to see his retrospective 

and this year, I was happy to see the same Royal Academy Show again

I thought people are strange

when I was at the Royal College of Art

where Hockney went when he was young

no one could share about their opinion of the Hockney’s Show at the Royal Academy

None of the teachers nor students had gone to see

I had to wait thirty years to be able to afford to see some original Hockney...

so I ended up painting Hockney and Patrick during my 12 days at the RCA

as, apart from Picasso,

these two public figures have always made my days better whenever I am depressed

thank you, Patrick and David

and Pablo

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