David Hockney's Oriental Journey: Time and Space was an article I wrote in 1996, for the LifeStyle section of The Hong Kong Securities Journal ( August issue ), using my pen-name Bernadette K. Pisapia.

Twenty years later, I rewrote the article, changing a misedited section, added a new paragraph to contribute to the clarification of the concept of the role of the painter ( in this case, Hockney ) by comparing his point of view ( continued movement of the eyes of the artist which is often traceable ) to that of an ancient Chinese poet ( who deliberately led the reader to enter his realm of poetry by excluding the subject 'I').

This video book is not structured in perfect time so the viewer would get to read the text at a reasonable pace.

It is intended to give the reader some kind of stimulus, with flashes of the text.

In case one is interested in reading the text in a contemplative manner, you are welcome to contact me.

Enjoy Hockney's inspiration as he inspired me when I was a student in Scotland. 


29 May 2016

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