After Giotto's fresco , San Francesco's cycle ( exorcism ) 1267-1337

After  Hockney's secret knowledge/ camera obscura 2001

After  Ng Wui 's film  ' the stealer of soul ' 1956

After  Lee Tit's film ' the legend  of Purple Pin' ( with Pak Sheut-sin, Yam Kim-fai ) 1959

After lyrics of Tong Dik-sang

After Botticelli 's Annunciation ( 1490)

After artists from the grand Tour who did paintings around Cava dei Tirreni where Antonio PISAPIA came from  ( A.Senape 1788-1850 , Gigante 1806-18769, F.Fergola,(1801-1875) S. Fergola(1799-1874) ,' Kaulonia' - antique mosaic  'from the 3rd century d.c)

memories of some insights derived from the above artists


mui wo, Hong Kong


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