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( new Facebook profile: rejoined Facebook recently, with name registered as : LeePisapiaKFB in order to avoid possible identity theft since the previously registered name was hacked)

12th November 2021

from Hong Kong with nostalgic vision of my Room in Italy

A bit more than a year ago, I decided to get a partition built in our room in order to place the ideograms painted on ceramic tiles , in a manner so that I could be reminded constantly of the research done on Chinese calligraphy, colour and poetry begun in Scotland 1982.

However, a few months later I found myself in Hong Kong so this room became the departure point of a nostalgic vision, mixed with sentiment- as If in order to grow one has always to leave and see one's inner vision in a nostalgic manner.

This catalogue came out while I am still spending my self funded residency in Hong Kong, where I have my curtains reprinted of the images of these ceramic tiles. So a catalogue of my room in Italy is actually a catalogue conceived in Hong Kong, printed by Mimeo ( ex Apple printer at Memphis), shipped to me in Mui Wo( Hong Kong) .

For those who wonder why I have not been uploading latest creative activities on my websites : 

I have been busy investigating who has actually borrowed my identity and even might have claimed authorship on the contents uploaded  solely by me.

please note that the templates I use on this and the other website( are provided by ( It means Italy the country not I.T)

However, the domain names and were purchased by me through the system of ( hopefully they will sort out how during this purchasing process some potential hackers were highly active in perhaps making even the 123 homepage into believing they are me)

there are no emails related to these two websites and whoever claim that you can mail them or could possibly be potential borrowers who have been impersonating me for quite sometime now.

This problem of mailing are still not sorted out as all mails directed to me seem to have gone first to another source, which I have no control over, thus resulting possible identity theft. ( regulation of 123

I am presently still doing my artist residency in Hong Kong, so whoever wishes to contact me, please write to

thank you


Hong Kong

9th November 2019

all contents of these websites are conceived by me( Lee-Pisapia, Kam Fu Bernadette) or Bernadette Kam Fu Lee ( maiden name)

( contents=short sequence of my paintings filmed by me, writing is usually in the form of a diary, publication of my art works in the forms of catalogues are also filmed as sequence)

there is another website which I use as a brief summary of these two websites, together with a cartoon manner style of journalistic diary done a few years ago. The email is used though I have unfortunately discovered hackers who have managed to meddle this email address in the past .

whoever except myself who claims that the website is theirs it simply means they have committed identity fraud. Kindly inform me if you happen to run into these potential borrowers of works

all works are copyrighted

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