Before leaving is about

leaving my window pane

where I attached my view finder

as closely as possible

upon the window pane

moving in circles


as if trying to fixate

or not fixate

certain moments

of certain visions

of the past

of the present

or of the future

the search

the movement 

the desire of not leaving

a vision

so familiar 

so unreal

so dear

so Moving 

from someone

who was born in this beautiful city

years ago

but came back

almost like a foreigner 

without a fixed abode

and always in search

of another abode

in perhaps

a Far away corner

from this beautiful vision

of this window pane


I have been


and seeing

from the deepest part of my soul

and am finally Moving

or finally being moved

a motion

a non motion

which is the right move

which is the right motion

in the course of a search

a journey

a vision


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