Happy 2019

is about Reversed Looking

about looking back on what I recently did:

1. recalling Duchamp and Zen

a thesis I did 29 years ago

to pay hommage on Duchamp‘s famous statement- Using Rembrandt as an ironing board

2. using  pure pigments from Zecchi of Florence

in Hong Kong on Magnani paper

in order to remember the old days:

how I used to shop almost everyday at the Fine Arts shop Zecchi in order to paint

how I bought Magnani paper every Tuesday before going to print at Manfredi’s lessons

3. to watch Life Theatre like a lonely soul

from far away 

of the lonely buffalo in Mui Wo

a place that I never quite frequented when I was young, ( hence the idea of solitude)

and where I paint once in a while

or more often now

with a reversed vision

much inspired by  David Hockney

in order to recall those lonely days

in Edinburgh 

when I was a student at Edinburgh College of Art , full of enthusiasm  -whenever I found Hockney’s new works at a book store

with this reversed looking back

my vision seems to be more focused

my spirits high

no wonder

Old memories bring New Hope

Happy New Year

Happy 2019

and do not forget 

to reverse our vision

in order to find the inner vision- Insightful vision

Bernadette at Mui Wo

Hong Kong


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