It was in 1976 

the Last typhoon I got to participate in as someone interested in film making

we followed our Teacher who tried showing us how to film when N.10 signal was up

a few months later

I began taking my Audio Visual program in Canada

there was no typhoon in Canada

the extreme conditions did exist

we ended up filming under 30 degrees Celsius 

Fourty two years passed

I found myself recalling my first film making course in Hong Kong

my passion for film making is still there

though I somehow tend to paint and draw more often

Mangkhut residues ends with a note:

my watercolour

of the palm tree with fruit

that we found on the beach near where we reside

nostalgia of some recent film of my youthful days?

of the beautiful blind girl and her pretended cousin

in The film ‘ The Window’ by Lung Kong?

Those were the days?

or are they still my reality

lived truly within?

How important is visual impact

in a young person’s heart?

perhaps the residues are always one’s passion

or The shadows 

as what Josephine Siu in the film says

with which we can never be rid of

And the colours of the shadows

are black

Bernadette recalling her past with gratitude


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