My works are not for sale

they are personal diary

as well as research*


not for sale

the works shown on this site and on are of an inverted chronological order

the site includes some drawings which are not published on these two sites

all paintings and drawings, (watercolour,  acrylic, oil ,mixed media ,  digital or not) , sculptures and installations are not for sale

only prints are for sale as the idea of prints is multiplication/distribution , though in my case each print , especially linocut, is treated differently 

all works done on Hong Kong films are dedicated to Hong Kong films where the actors painted (or the directors, in some cases) would be the sole owners of the works , please refer to : how I distribute my works

kindly do not purchase them in the event they are offered for sale ( due to some works being stolen from my studio in Rome)

please note that the IT from site simply means ITALY


maiden name: Lee(Li) , Kam Fu Bernadette

married name: Lee-Pisapia, Kam Fu Bernadette 

Hong Kong


* research on Chinese Calligraphy, Western pictorial traditions and poetry, with a recent focus on the first visual codes of the first creative mark makers and how the primitive way of seeing derived from nature might give insight to our cultural baggage which misses perhaps the freshness of our ancestors

Please note that lately hackers have managed recently to edit my Facebook page Bernadette Kam-Fu Lee Pisapia as well as my three personal websites . My gmail account together with my personal phone number have also been hacked . Kindly inform me if you happen to be In touch with someone who has approached you with my identity, especially when selling of works are concerned . Thanks. Bernadette 

note: Identity fraud issues

please note that whoever is in the possession of my Italian Academy Libretto ( report booklet where exams were registered and grades given and signed by the professors ) is possibly the same person who has been using my identity to proceed with whatever she wants to do without my consent

kindly contact me if any person or Institution has been presented by someone with this original report booklet as that person is not me



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