Residues of sentiment

after the visit of typhoon

I collected some residues of leaves

near the beautiful beach in Cheung Sha

last week

on another lonesome beach

we collected some seashells

They looked much worn out

like the broken leaves I had earlier put aside

so as to pay homage to some Film memories: Autumn Leaves directed by Chor Yuen (1960)楚原之秋風殘葉and the Rythmn of the Sea directed by Li Hsing (1974)李行之海韻

I Made these twelves pieces of residues of sentiment 

And named them almost after some of the verses of one of the lyrics of Li Ching Chao: 葉葉心心, 舒卷有餘情.( Upon the Hearts of Leaves, Residues of Sentiment ) Note that 舒卷has been replaced by 點點as 舒卷(the flexibility of the leaves with their stretching abilities) is no longer applicable since what remains are broken pieces 

Only to be grateful for this period I have been experiencing in Lantau Island , Hong Kong


diary in Mui Wo


p.s Interestingly, rhythm of the Sea 海韻 is also the title of a poem/ or lyrics by Xu ZhiMo 徐志摩 ,which I hadn’t realised when I filmed the short sequence of You and me. 

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