The title of this website has now been changed from My Paintings , Bernadette's artworks to Art, Bernadette's diary

Generally speaking, this site is mainly about my artworks , my art working processes, but once in a while , also acts as a diary space to accomodate video reports I make as an art journalist 

Since I have three websites and therefore most often I alternate my reports of my activities randomly in all three websites. The other two are , and

Masterpieces Art Basel is my Art Basel HK diary 2

and is meant to accompany  Art Basel HK diary 1 which I created for my other site

it was a surprise to be able to see quite a few important pieces here in Hong Kong, especially during the pandemic 

p.s. My sincere apologies for the wrong  attribution I made in an earlier version of this video clip  where Antony Gromley's work 'key' was  mistakenly taken as a work by Chen Zhen. 




( alias LEE-PISAPIA, Kam Fu Bernadette)

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