Chinese Flora: 12 tea cups, 12 poems, 12 flower goddesses

to recall the joy of purchasing a set of porcelain tea cups (replica of Kangxi period -1662-1722)with sketches and calligraphy , and my own translation of the poems


31/07/2022 Mui Wo, Hong Kong 

inscriptions on cups :

一月 January 

水仙 Daffodils 



Spring wind breathes heavenly notes upon the scene gracefully painted

Moon dances fairy passes along the old dragon path in ascension 


玩迎春花贈楊郞中 白居易


February . Jasmine by Po Ju-I

To my dear friend Yang on the appreciation of Spring Flowers

Golden petals adorned by chilled green stelo

A Rarity among yellow flowers

Let them know my dear

That the Jasmine is distinctly different from the flowering radish

March. Peach trees

三月 桃花 薛能

風光新社燕 時節舊春農

Peach blossom scene by   Xue Neng

swallows’ new found home

Perfect time to tell old stories

before the Spring harvest  

Aprile . Peonia by Han zong 

四月 牡丹韓琮



A true beauty : her face kissed by early morning dews

With a lasting perfume , she awakes the deepest soul lay dormant in the coldest  jade mansion 

May . Pomegranate flowers by Sun Ti

五月 石榴花



Shadows of the Pearl blinds shimmering with the dew droplets,

What a sight!

The breeze of its fragrance slightly blows on the freshly painted wall

Revealing only half secrets! 


蓮葉 李群玉


June . Lotus 

Lotus leaves by Li Qunyu

Roots , hidden jade, solid

Leaves, hearts of pearls, collect dews

七月 蘭花 李嶠


July Orchidea by Li Qiao 

Grande palace hall light fragrance permeates 

High platform afar flute playing melodies sung

八月 桂花 李嶠


August Osmanthus by Li Qiao

Unlimited branches in order to reach the many moons

Uncountable flowers in order to reach the natural Autumns 

九月 菊花 羅隱

September. Chrysanthemum by Luo Yin

千載白衣酒 一生青女霜

Thousand years of white petals , what fine wine

Whole life as a young girl, like frost, pure and cool

十月 芙蓉 錢起

Furong (Hibiscus mutabilis )

by Qin qi 

Pure perfume with raindrops of yesterday 

Refined colours gradated in sfumato as day begins

十一月 月季 ( 出處不詳)

不隨千種盡 獨放一年紅

November  Chinese Rose. ( anonymous)

Not like the others , she chooses not to compete, 

Alone and in red, she flourishes all year along

十二月 梅花許渾


Plum flowers. Xu Hun

Pale in its beauty, like frozen snow on the tree

Pure in its fragrance, enriches all the branches in the wind

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