My CV in slow motion was made last year after I saw the old photo of my mother the first time in Hong Kong: She must have been very young, in her hand she was holding some kind of purse that could be mistaken for a document folder

I did a watercolour of that photo taken with my iPhone back in Italy

Then I made it into the cover of my CV presentation

not because I wanted to look like my mother when she was young

not because I wanted to pretend to be her

it was purely for the sake of making a watercolour portrait of my mother

and it turned out interesting and so I used it as the cover picture of my curriculum CV presentation 

one year passed

and I sort of wonder why I could never get a job

to my surprise

the several agencies where I sent my CV always sent me jobs that do not quite match

sometimes they sent me jobs About the musical sector, or the dancing sector or the model sector, none of which I have had experience 

so I began my investigation

to my surprise, I found an agency , for some reasons, generated a series of seemingly telephone numbers under each category of my jobs I had done before, but none of those phone numbers or codes looked familiar to me. If any potential employer receives such a resume with more than ten non reachable numbers ( or reachable to those who might have borrowed my identity), the employer might only think that I, Lee, Kam Fu Bernadette or Lee-Pisapia, Kam Fu Bernadette ( my married name), would be a recruit agency or if not, a very creative artist with many telephone numbers or a secret agent with many codes.

instead of waiting for the agency to clarify this mystery , ( til this date they have not responded)I decided to declare the following on my own website: those  strange numbers or codes that appear in my Resume stored at that agency are not my codes or my telephone numbers: I only managed to get that secret revealed accidentally when I finally could obtain my own resume through their service.

The only telephone number that is correct is the number I put next to my address in Hong Kong, though, I doubt it very much if they would give it to the potential employer.


Hong Kong

8 th September 2018

Please note that the CV in slow motion was done last year when I was in Italy, hence my contact address and phone number have changed ever since. Kindly refer to my new CV in this site  under Noguchi section , where Contact Me means you could find my new CV -  with my address of the new studio space where Noguchi’s art pieces became the inspiration of my daily life


 Bernadette at her house in Mui Wo, Hong Kong

her email:

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