Paintings relocated

'missing paintings' reported in the sequence 'life moved' are relocated, hence, I took the opportunity to review some other sketches done during my Hong Kong residency since June of 2018.

Sketches also include drawings done during a short trip to Canada ( 2018 December ), Italy ( 2019 December).Some drawings of Antonio were also published on a catalogue in December 2019Antonio has since then adopted a different Chinese name , Andao ( 安道 ) instead of Fung On (逢安) or Gan Fung (簡逢), names he used previously.

I have then collaborated with Andao in producing couple catalogues .

note. typo error of caption in the video- portrait of Antonio done on a placemat ( not placement) of a Vietnamese Restaurant in Hong Kong 

The song sung in this sequence is a re-adaptation of Li Po's poem ' Drunk under the moon'. Lyrics of the poem are translated by me in English and can be viewed under another sequence ' Poetic calligraphy'. 


Mui Wo, Hong Kong


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