Visiting Dawn Of A Nation

From Guttoso to Fontana To Schifano

Palazzo Strozzi



until 22/07/2018

The short sequence was done without deliberately excluding some of the important pieces

At one point, I was told not to take pictures 

But when I made further enquiries, I was told we were allowed to take pictures of the works exhibited

I was physically tired as I was carrying quite a lot of stuff while visiting the show

I did not leave my bags in the lockers

so when the first guard said I should not be taking pictures 

to be honest

I did not mind

But my curiosity grew as I saw other visitors taking pictures 

and I asked a second time

The guard at the entrance told me a different version:

we are allowed to take pictures of the exhibition 

This is an exhibition about Italy through the eyes of the artists from the fifties To the sixties 

And the different versions about whether one is allowed to take pictures of the show is also very Italian, from the point of view of a foreigner 

yes or no

no or yes

nothing is certain

and one does not quite know who is correct or not with the information given

there is always a leeway

if you live long enough in Italy to understand 

my favourite pieces of the show: Burri and Fontana Room

The following quotation of Fontana leaves one truly satisfied even after the NG cut from one of the guards,

’ My cuts are a philosophical expression, faith in the infinite and a statement of spirituality’


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