Bernadette moved to Mui Wo

along the River

 she sometimes meets interesting friends


a couple of turtoises

eight-year old 

but look like a hundred

they walk slow fast slow fast

faster than slow

like the passes of typical Hong Kong rhythmn

at home

by the River

I slowly walked with my brush in order to

be reminded of Noguchi’s brushworks 

at QI Baishi’s Studio

Then one day

we managed to reach the only waterfall in Mui Wo


I slowed my vision:

be reminded Of Bill Viola

and Of the Taoist vision

or Of The Chuang Chi’s 


be with the flow

one needs to be slower

slower than that of the too fast TURTOISE 

until we all found ourselves 

in the very moment

of Truth

and of

Pure Breath


exemplified by

the innocent brushworks


Qi Baishi

Diary of Mui Wo

by Bernadette, August 2018

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