Another Dream is a nostalgic recording of those years

in Florence, Italy

when I painted Li Ching Chao’s poem ( Lyrics) on Big canvases in colour

the first Series were done in 1997

a more important series began in 2000, in the Florentine Villa Romana founded by Max Klinger where I was an artist in residence for a month

and concluded at White Mountain Academy Of the Arts in Canada, where I taught from August 2002 to May 2003

perhaps it is inevitable that I am repainting some of my favourite Chinese poems again

as I am now residing in Hong Kong , after having left this city for forty some years

but the mood is different: joyful instead of sad

the medium is different: instead of acrylic on canvas, watercolour on blind made with paper

A return to my youthful self

As a forever celebration 


Hong Kong


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