My articles : old and New as a catalogue

putting together some articles:

Article on Monet: published on my website 21/03/2019 ( in Chinese & English) ( the original diary on the Monet notebook got lost . Anyone who is in the posession of the diary is kindly invited to return it to me. Thank you. )

 on Noguchi: published on my website 24/07/2019 ( in Chinese and English)

Article on Picasso and Manfredi : 25/01/2018 ( in Chinese and English)

article on Poetry rewritten, pictures reframed, vision as pulsating soul first time printed in English on this catalogue . Chinese version published on MH April issue 2022

random selection of old articles: on Venice Biennale 2005 - Ming Pao monthly ( written in Chinese with pen name 李錦芙 in Chinese only

on  Villa Romana , MH 2004 , in Chinese only

on Art and Fashion Biennale ,The Securities Journal, Hong Kong December 1996- May 1997on Art and Investment, The SJ Journal 1995 ( written in English only )

on Hockney : The SJ journal 1996, self published in 2016 with a newly edited version ( in English only )

on Artists and their living space- MH 2005 ( in Chinese only )

pen names used before 2022:Bernadette K.Pisapia

Kam Fu Pisapia

from 2022 my legal name has been used: Kam Fu Bernadette LEE-PISAPIA

 note: in general, I write my articles in Chinese and English . There have been occasions that I have submitted only the English version such as several articles written for The SJ Journal of Hong Kong. The Chinese version, in this case was only a translated version of my original text by someone else ( except for the article on Villa Romana where I provided both English and Chinese versions to the magazine)


Mui Wo, Hong Kong

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