August in Mui Wo

some fruits never seen before

of egg shaped

here in Mui Wo

they call them egg fruits

on the silvermine Bay beach

shells Of different sizes

often make themselves appear

difficult to resist

not to collect them

then one day

on the night of Saint Lorenzo

I recalled the beautiful poem of Pascoli

so I painted the Still lifes

to recall a poetic moment 

Of silent sufferings

to recall Carducci’s poem

I painted another still-life on top of a table cloth

which I had it custom made : with ancient ideograms I painted of the Carducci poem translated  last month

Another still life on Chinese paper, also in oils

: Antonio’s installation on Cheung Po Tsai’s story

This one is about the fleet of the Portuguese ships

Time flies

mid Autumn Festival is approaching 

May all find peace at the Mid Autumn Festival


mui Wo, Hong Kong

2nd September 2019

(36 years ago I arrived in Florence and stayed in Italy for 35 years- less some periods spent in Canada)

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