Not A Company is the site of

LEE-PISAPIA, Kam Fu Bernadette ( married name ) 

 Or LEE, Kam Fu Bernadette 

alias Bernadette Kam Fu Lee, my maiden and artist name 

 Resumed contributing articles for MH Hong Kong in 2022 with my legal name:

Kam Fu Bernadette LEE-PISAPIA

Lately someone has contacted me and asked if this site is an enterprise, I , therefore, confirm it here publicly that this site is not commercial and I have not established any enterprise, or company at all.

whoever has set up another site using the same name or other names and claim that they are related to this site ( ) or to, or to and claim that the contents of these sites  belong to them is committing identity fraud.

Thank you

LEE-PISAPIA, Kam Fu Bernadette 

alias LEE, Kam Fu Bernadette alias Bernadette Kam Fu LEE

please note that is no longer active since 1st of February 2022

P.S. recommendation of letter ( translated version from italian to English by Italian consulate ) by Clara Carboni has been lost since 2018. Whoever has used the above letter ever since 2018 has possibly borrowed my identity. Kindly let me know asap if anyone is in possession of the document. Thank you.


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