Years ago

is about how I breathed while meditating on the calligraphic poetic forms suggested by the poems themselves 

I made these Works at various periods

But they had been sitting in a corner or in a box 



they are now framed

assuming a new attitude 

as if they are once again alive 

and are allowed to breathe at their own pace


the only recent works seen in this group

are the birds


The Hong Kong Park series

half printed half retouched in watercolour 

Most of the pieces were from 1993

but the vertical one 

of the baptistry Of Florence

could have been done

ten years earlier 

the wild boar

done in 93 

was placed against the skyline of Hong Kong

to recall the wild boars I happened to meet

on the way to the Peak

last year


in Hong Kong


July the first 2018

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