At the Anniversary of my artist in residence project at Riverwalk

I painted two poems by Li Po Of Tang dynasty

in Chinese Calligraphy on Silk

one is titled : the waterfall of Mount Lu seen from Afar 

At Sunrise, Incense like Hill, purplish mist

Looking from afar, the waterfall hangs like a flowing river

Flowing at the speed of flight, flies through 3000 feet 

As if the Milky Way has made its move from heaven

another is the famous poem of Quiet Night , painted by me many times, in different ways, sometimes in the manner of Monet ( in Scotland 1982-83), at other time on layered canvases ( in Italy 1996-1997)

Perhaps due to nostalgia of some happy memories in the past

I decided to paint poems on silk once again

in Chinese Calligraphy in colour 

The longer poem of Li Po , which has an impactful image of a flowing kind of reality, reminds me of the freshness of encounter I had with the Mui Wo waterfall

Though it is not to be compared to the fast flowing river image forcefully described in the poem, this tiny Mui Wo waterfall somehow still  reminds me of my inner reality which can be likened to a fast flowing Waterfall.( the sudden changing of my residency from Italy to Hong Kong, something totally taken by surprise)

Thanks to Noguchi, this surprise became forever meaningful, due to the possibility of having the Noguchi set of  sofa , table, and a tiny chair so that I could at this tiny space dream of more visual impacts, to be immortalised on canvases or silk. (hence the painted silk is placed on the long and nature inspired Noguchi sofa).


anniversary of her artist in residency project

July 2019


Mui Wo

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