La notte

was written on the ferry after we went to see Bellini's version of Romeo and Juliet in Hong Kong ( City Hall).

Memories of the past came back: how I bought the whole row of tickets inviting our mentor Director Ng Wui and his friends to come and see the play he was teaching us...

and how I often went to City Hall for lunch and had my favourite barbecued pork ...

( ...almost forty years ago!) 

La notte arrives

but there is the light that points the way

like a diamond 

Hong Kong in the evening is extremely beautiful 

like all intense experience, it is almost sacred

In silence, I seem to hear a voice that reminded me of something greater

our breath

God's voice

Thank you for the opera and the memories  

this sequence with some digital drawings I did on my iPhone recently was put together in the early morning of 30/08/2021


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